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Best Knowledge Track is a platform that provides the best knowledge, best information regarding education. Initially our major focus on English Speaking especially American English, IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), Pronunciation, etc.


About This Blog:-

This blog is fully dedicated to providing the best knowledge or information in the fields of Education, Tourism, Food, Health & Fitness, Technology, and reviews.

For providing the best information I am interested in working with different expertise in a particular field.

Hope you are taking benefits from this portal and enjoying your life with the blessings of parents, senior & with the great love of children, relatives, and friends.


About Me:-

This is Jeevan Chandra Pandey & Team. We belong to Uttarakhand ( India).

I have 3 years of work experience in the Engineering Construction Field and some 6 months of marketing experience as a channel partner.

After completion of my Diploma in Engineering from my home state, I moved to Bhubaneswar, Odisha for my first job.

I started working in one Limited company as an Assistant Surveyor in the NHAI project. In that project, I got the best opportunity to travel to different parts of India especially the North-East of India where I wanted to visit.

In this company, I spent around one and a half years. That journey was so amazing of My Life because due to this job I got the opportunity to meet people from a different community, understanding a different culture, languages, different varieties of foods their recipes, different tourist places, understanding the difficulties of different communities people, education system, and many more things those I cannot explain in few words.

After this working experience, I switched my job and joined another Limited company in m home state as a Site Engineer (Highway & Structure) of hill roads construction project, very close to the locations of the mountainous areas of my state. In this company, I have spent around a half year. That was also a great journey for me to know my home state, I was so much surprised by meeting people, to know their struggle in a difficult situation, their culture, etc any way that was too much interesting.

After working with that company I moved for my next job, towards the Central region of India in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Where I was working with another company as a Highway Engineer. In this company, I spent around One Year. Up to this period, I was so much fascinated with my Engineering fields and due to this, I took the decision to quit my job and move again for getting a higher education. Then I resigned from there &b moved back to my home state for Higher Education.

After taking admission in higher studies I got to know many things about engineering, technology, a career with technology, etc on the behalf of this I was turning towards more tech-world and was thinking for utilizing technology with my experience for future as a career but everything takes time to get success on the basis of our expectation from our life or work.

So now I’m studying and utilizing my best time.






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