5 Killer Tricks To Improve Vocabulary

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5 Killer Tricks To Improve Vocabulary

How To Improve Vocabulary

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How to improve vocabulary?

When you find this small question sentence for yourself it becomes sometimes very difficult.

Understanding language becomes much easier when you know some basics of that language like Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, etc. but if we go for more specific towards vocabulary then it becomes too confusing and difficult to cram or remember a list of vocabulary.

In this article, we will give you some funny and interesting tips and tricks for improving vocabulary that will be really helpful for your fast vocab improving journey.

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So let’s start- 5 Killer Tricks To Improve Vocabulary

The tricks given below are really funny. The first time you will feel that you can do it but when it comes to implementation might be you will feel boring after some days.

So point should be noted that you have to apply these tricks for few weeks then you will find the actual outcome of these. Finally, you will be far from this question that- How to improve vocabulary?

1. Change Your Mobile Password Daily

For getting solution of- How to improve vocabulary? This is the first interesting trick.

It seems quite funny that we have to change our cellphone password daily for improving our vocabulary but it is.

Generally, people make their passwords in some pattern form. Actually, very few people create their passwords in digit or alpha-numeric form or some numbers, etc that they can remember easily.

We are recommending that you have to make your password in digit form. Digit form means- in alphabetical word form or alphanumeric form.

Like earlier, you were making your password like your mother name, your surname, date of birth or 12345, etc kind of but if you change that habit in making your difficult vocab word as your password you will learn that word easily.

What happens when you do such an activity-

If you are using your mobile or any other device in numbers of time in a day so you enter that word as a password.

By doing this you will remember that word spelling and pronunciation with meaning very easily because you are using that word number of times in a day.

You may worry about what will happen if I’m forgetting the password of the particular day.

Yeah, so you will face many problems for getting the password back or unlocking the mobile.

For this, you can write that word on any paper or your notebook. You can also take that word from any dictionary or any application. After that take picture of that word and make your wallpaper by taking a screenshot of that word pic.

Why screenshot?

Because in some devices wallpaper resolution may vary according to picture or image size resolution or pixels of that pic. So go for a screenshot then make it your wallpaper.

2. Paste vocab words on Wall, Door, Table, etc

For getting solution of- How to improve vocabulary? This is the second interesting trick. You will enjoy reading.

Write your vocabulary word of the day on small 5cmX5cm etc any comfortable size.

Notice that word should be in big font size or in a bigger size that can become very catchy by using a color pen or by highlighting that word, as you prefer.

After that paste such difficult word where you spent more time like on your study table, door, window, almirah, chair, bed, pillow, mirror, laptop, bathroom, etc.

This process takes 5 min to 20 min time for writing and pasting. When you are done with this, it is too much effective than any other method.

You can write 10 to 20 words at one time and paste them in upcoming days as your comfort and space available nearby you.

What happens when you do this activity-

When you will move or will get close contact from that word location, you will be watching that word again and again. As I have mentioned location like from door, bathroom, mirror, etc.

If you read or just look towards that word you will make an image of that word for the future.

Let’s take an example– You have pasted the word “modicum“. Which means “a small quantity of something, especially which is desirable”. The pasting location may be, on the door of your study room or living room.

After that, if you need to go somewhere. You will move from that door location and without your will/desire or no looking intention, you will watch that word. So you are indirectly cramming that word with an image of that word location that you have pasted that particular word at the door. Which will help you in the long-term remembering that particular word.

Actually, our mind works on imagination. So we have to do something which can create an image of our activity.

Like we remember our tourist places where we visited a long time back but still, we remember that location similarly this happens for vocab improving.

3. Use Color Pen For Vocab Writing

For getting solution of- How to improve vocabulary? This is the third interesting trick. You will also enjoy reading.

People especially boy, those who are students, think that writing by using different color pens, using face glowing cream, etc work or habits are of girls.

They also have a prejudice that these are too much time taking but actually, it is true that girls like more fashion style, looking good, etc and it also gives a more beautiful, attractive look to them.

Similarly writing by different color pen, also helps in making virtual imagination, good looking view, interesting notes in your notebook, highlighting important facts or words or title, etc.

Try to recall your childhood or when you were in 1st, 2nd class, or in primary level schooling. Have you noticed that pages of your books were in a different color with images or in a different color font that attracts the child’s mind to look at that word or image and read? I think you have understood that fact or logic.

So move further for getting a solution to your biggest problem- How to improve vocabulary.

4. Use Mnemonic Method

This method is also crazy. This might be possible that you know what is a mnemonic method. The mnemonic method is a tool or process of learning or remembering something with the help of any other thing or story.

It’s just a different form of virtual imagination technique. By this method, you can remember anything by relating to another thing that you already know.

In the vocab learning or remembering process, you can understand the Mnemonic method by this example-

You want to remember the previously mentioned word “modicum” which means ‘very less or small quantity.

So you can remember by this way- “Modi (Prime Minister of India) comes very less number of times in our region or location”.

This is a simple example of this method. You relate modicum word with the Prime Minister of India. It will help you remember that word in the long term. Because you created a story for that particular word for remembering and that becomes easy to understand.

5. Create English Environment

This the fifth solution to your question- How to improve vocabulary.

You can create an English environment for learning or remembering vocab. It could be your good friend circle those who speak in English with you. It could be possible to watch any content or video or audio in English, reading anything in the English language.

If you have a good time for doing all the above-mentioned activity, so it is good otherwise do that. If you are doing all these or not, but “try to think in English” always in spae time. It means if you are watching anything, so can think about that situation in English.

Let’s take an example– suppose you are watching “electric bulb”. So you can think about it in very simple language with easy sentence structure, no typical grammar, or high vocabulary in the initial period.

After spending good time, later you can go for good grammatical knowledge or different alternative of the particular word. Like it is made of glass, metal, and plastic, It gives light to us, decorates our rooms, I can purchase it from my uncle’s shop, etc.

Finally, at the end of this article, I want to say that try to implement all such tricks. After that you can check your performance after a month then you will be surprised by your vocabulary. Hope this is too much informative and interesting for you.


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