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(Also Read Vowel in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) like- Pronunciation Of Vowel “ɜ“)

This is an article for vocabulary related to Baby’s & other Clothing; this article is in also a story-telling format due to which you can feel comfortable with reading. So let’s jump into the main article.

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Welcome to this vocabulary builder another learning article. In this article, I’ve also used IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) which is the best tool for improvement of pronunciation and accent.  You can sound like a native if you do use IPA for Vocabulary or Accent improvement.

We’re going to go over lots of clothes or garments so you can increase your English Vocabulary. We’ll also talk about the pronunciation of the words so you can feel confident using them in conversation.


Baby’s & Few other Clothes:-

(Now we’ll use some of Baby’s clothes. An example of what are overalls.)

Overalls. Two tricky sounds: the OH diphthong. Make sure you have jaw drop and lip rounding.  Oh, Overalls, and the Dark L at the end. Alls. Not ‘all’, ‘alls’ with the tongue, tip moving up. Actually, the tongue tip should stay down the whole time. Over uhl, uhl uhl.

It’s the back of the tongue that presses down and back a little bit to make that dark sound. Overalls. uhls uhls. Say it with me.


  1. Onesie

An onesie is a piece of a baby’s clothing where it snaps at the bottom. So you unsnap it to change the diaper quickly but it’s attached there to keep the shirt from riding up. Because if you’ve ever spent any time with a baby. You know if they’re in just a shirt.

It ends up around their neck or armpits. So this is an onesie.

Onesie: Spelled with an S, but pronounced with a Z sound. Onesie. Onesie.

Say that e. Onesie. So this is an onesie.


  1. Jean Shorts

Child or baby has the cutest little pair of jean shorts. jean shorts. So here, rather than saying ‘jeans shorts’, you drop the S in ‘jeans’. It’s just ‘jean shorts’.

Say that. Jean shorts, Jean shorts, Jean shorts, Jean shorts.


  1. Suspenders

Baby has a pair of jeans that came with suspenders. So these things that you can put on pants to help them stay up are called suspenders.

Suspenders. A three-syllable word with stress on the middle syllable. Make the first and third syllables as short as you can: sus-, -ders. Suspenders. Suspenders.

Try that. Suspenders.


  1. Vest

The baby has a vest. The vest can be 2 different things.

First of all, they can be like this, something that’s casual that’s meant as another layer to add warmth. But, you can also have a dressy one that would be part of a dress outfit for men and if it came with pants and a jacket as a set then those 3 things would be called a 3 piece suit. So a 3 piece suites a suit that includes a vest, Vest.

Some language groups mix up V and W. This letter should definitely be pronounced with a V. Bottom lip to top teeth. Vvv. No lip rounding, ww. That’s a W sound. Vvvvv. Vest.

Say that loudly:-Vest.


  1. 3-Piece Suit

That would be part of a dress outfit for men and if it came with pants and a jacket as a set then those 3 things would be called a 3-piece suit. So a 3-piece suit a suit that includes a vest.

3-piece suit. Three, Ok, this word three is tricky. You have an unvoiced TH, and the tongue tip must come through the teeth, th, thr, hr then the R where your tip comes back and up a little bit thrr hrr. Thrr three. Three-piece. Three-piece suit. Try that with me. Three-piece suit.


  1. Outerwear

Let’s talk outerwear, Outerwear. We have a Flap T here because the T comes between two vowels. When I say vowels in these rules, I mean vowels or diphthongs, Because the beginning sound is the OW diphthong.

Ow Outerwear. Wear, Tricky sound combination. Jaw drop for EH before your R. Wear. weh-r, wear Outerwear, Outerwear.

Say that. Outerwear.


  1. Down Coat

The down coat is a heavy, really warm winter coat. Down coat.

I’ve noticed something that several different language groups to this combination OW + N. They drop the N and make the OW diphthong sound nasally. It sort of sounds like this.

Down. There is no nasal quality to this diphthong.

Let’s break it up. Dow-nn. Dow-nn. Dow-nn. Down. Down. Down.

Try that. Down.

‘Coat’ with the OH diphthong: jaw drop then lip rounding. Down coat, Down coat.

Try that. Down coat.


  1. Lightweight jacket

The jacket can be a little more lightweight so you’ll probably wear it in the fall or spring But you could still just call it a jacket.

Lightweight jacket. Notice all three of these T’s can be Stop T’s: they’re either followed by a consonant, or at the end of a thought group. Light-weight-jacket. Lightweight jacket. Try that with me. Lightweight jacket.


  1. Poncho

This is something a little bit different, a little bit strange, a little old—fashioned. So this doesn’t really have arms. It’s just a poncho, Poncho.

We have two different pronunciations for the letter O here. The first one is the AH as in FATHER vowel. Po-, pon-. The second is the OH diphthong. Oh cho. Poncho.

Try that. Poncho.


  1. Fur Coat

Fur coat. Fur can be tricky because it has the R vowel in it. Don’t drop your jaw or try to make some sort of vowel sound before the R. It’s just two sounds, f, and r. Fur, fur Fur coat. Try that with me. Fur coat, Fur coat.

That’s it for this article, hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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