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Why AMIE Aspirants are Raising the Issue of Valid-AMIE?

After 2013 all those who had/have passed the examination of AMIE section A & B and received a certificate of AMIE that is equal to Graduate degree of B.Tech/BE, their certificate is not valid or not approved by AICTE.

The case is in Supreme Court for a long time back with a continuous hearing in this matter- Approval of AMIE from AICTE.

Students who have passed the AMIE, are facing problems in Higher studies programs for getting admission or getting a job in some government and private sector.

The final hearing is still pending, so students have not clear information whether they should apply for this or clear all examinations of AMIE or not due to AICTE approval, etc.


What is AMIE?

AMIE= Associate Member of Institution of Engineers.

AMIE is a B.Tech/B.E. level examination in engineering, recognized by all State Governments, Central Govt., UPSC, etc as equivalent to B.E/B.Tech. This is comprised of Section A and Section B as Semester system in B.Tech/BE.

Generally who pass the AMIE examination will get equal opportunities for jobs as well as higher education in both Govt. and private sectors, just like a B.E or B.Tech holder But now the scenario is different after 2013 due to AICTE approval.

The IEI ie: Institution of Engineers (India), the largest multidisciplinary body of engineers in the country is the authority that prepares the syllabus, conducts examinations in India & in few foreign counties, and issues certificates, etc. of AMIE.

Is AMIE Distance Education course?

The attraction with AMIE is that it is a recognized engineering degree course that can be studied in distance education mode. This course does not demand any classroom attendance, regular classroom schedule, regular laboratory work as in other engineering colleges but due to this reason, some students who want to do this course takes it the easy way, in reality, it is not as easy as compared to other graduation courses like B.Tech/BE.

In this AMIE examination, one subject comprises of 3 to 5 B.Tech/BE subjects examinations this makes it difficult to clear all examinations in a short period of time as compared to B.Tech/BE. 

For laboratory work, you have to pass section A and a minimum 4 Subjects examination of Section B then you can apply for the laboratory work.

Anyone who possesses the specified eligibility criteria by IEI can become a graduate engineer in a minimum possible time and expense!


Those who want to do AMIE must have passed:-
* A recognized 3-year Polytechnic Diploma or its equivalent in any branch of engineering. (In AMIE Sec A- 4 exam to be clear)
* Any educational qualifications equivalent to the above, are also eligible to apply for AMIE.
* Those who pursue AMIE after their Diploma course are usually known as Diploma Stream Students (Senior Technician members).

*  12th or Higher secondary with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. (In AMIE Sec A- 13 exam to be clear)

Branches Available in AMIE;-

Following engineering, branches are available for study
1. Chemical Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Computer Science and Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Electronics & Communication Engineering
6. Mechanical Engineering
7. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
8. Mining Engineering
9. Production Engineering
10. Textile Engineering


The syllabus of AMIE is similar to B.E/B.Tech.
The AMIE syllabus has two parts:- Section A and Section B (similar to the First year, Second year, etc. of any formal degree course).
Those who join for AMIE should first study and clear all subjects in Section A. Based on one’s qualification, the total number of subjects in Section A varies.
After passing Section A 4-Subjects Examinations (who has a diploma), he/she should study Section B. The total number of subjects in Section B is 9.

See Table Below

Eligibility Section A Section B Total Sub. Max. Time
3 Year’s Diploma 4 Exam 9 Exam+ Lab 13 + Lab & Project. 12 Years

Hence a Diploma holder should study just 13 papers to clear AMIE.

After 12th or higher secondary- In Section A- 10 subjects exam and section B is same.

In Section A, you will study subjects that are fundamental to engineering.

In section B, we make specialized studies in our chosen branch of engineering. When a student clears all subjects in both sections A and B. he/she is said to have passed the A.M.I.E examination and becomes a qualified graduate engineer.


Duration of AMIE

The duration of AMIE is flexible. For completing Sections A and B.

The maximum time allowed is six years each. (So total 12 years). So this is the maximum allowed duration for this course if a student who systematically studies the course can successfully finish the course in a shorter period approx in 3 Years.

Examination Period of AMIE

The examinations are conducted every June and December in all major cities in India and few centers available in foreign countries. All enrolled students can appear for the examination in any center convenient to them.

Fees of AMIE

The fees depend on the mode of your study.

But the fee is so less than the B.Tech/BE. You can check IEI official website.

Benefits of AMIE

You can become a graduate engineer, studying in your spare time
Get the same qualification as B.E/B.Tech.

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